So The Journey Begins

So here goes my first post. You’re probably thinking to yourself why now? Why a blog? And why me?

Where did I get my motivation for this blog? Since the start of the year I decided to upload an image to my personal Instagram everyday. This was going to be a wee diary about my life that I could look back on at the end of the year. I wanted this to include all things I love, my thoughts and my experiences and so far it’s going okay.

With the Instagram daily thing I have going on, I think that this could be a great addition to this. Sure everyone has their life on the internet nowadays, right? This is going to be a more in depth daily diary almost with hopefully many posts, that will keep you interested.

My first Photo on my S7

The image above is one of the first images I took on when I got my newest phone. It’s a Samsung Galaxy s7 and I’ve had it for the best part of a year. Since I was just checking out the camera I thought the above image was appropriate for this post!

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