About Me!

Hi guys, i’m James. I bet you never guessed that right?! So let me just write out my CV here before. Or I could just generally tell you about myself.

I am a 20 year old, from Belfast, UK (or Ireland if depending on how you see it). Snapmaps say Northern Ireland so i’ll stick with that. I have a range of interests but my life ain’t all that interesting. Generally my life resolves around my friends and family.

One of my biggest passions is design. I love to admire any type of design from architecture to the shape of bottles. I like to make small logo type designs as well as try my luck with websites from time to time. I recently found out that emoji domains were a thing a I was flabbergasted.

For the mean time I am currently in my last semester of a foundation degree in Interactive design. I get to play around with a bunch of code and adobe applications. How fun does that sound. For my last semester I am currently in a placement in a Digital marketing agency. Here I write articles on Web hosting and Domains and will soon be writing about WordPress. I also get to design my own images for these articles.

Other interests I have include gaming, music, bmx and eating out, so watch this space for gaming, music and restaurant/bar reviews. It should be fun!

Fun facts about me;

  • My real name is William (How cruel, insert shocked emoji here)
  • I love Madagascar
  • Coors Light once used to be my blood
  • People say tea is British when in fact it is Indian. But honestly it may as well be mine! (Tea solves everything)
  • Boojum is life, SO GET ONE NOW!
  • I support Liverpool FC (I can hear your tears already)
  • Assassins creed is my one true love
  • My room is an accurate representation of my life. A MESS!
  • I once won a mos improved player award but I have two left feet.