My Music Mondays- YMAS, Snow Patrol, The 1975, Jorja Smith & Many more

You me at six - British Rock Band

This week or should I say the past few weeks/months, we have been blessed with some amazing new music across various genre’s. Much of the new music has been in and around the rock/band scene.

You Me At Six announce ‘VI’ their 6th album

With my previous article on my blog being about You Me At Six releasing a special announcement on BBC Radio one last week, it feels right for me to start this post off with them. If you haven’t seen the last article, I suggest you take a visit over by clicking here…

You will find that You Me At Six are my favourite band…

You me at six - British Rock Band

From this BBC Radio 1 interview we got to here two new songs from YMAS’s upcoming album which was also called ‘VI’. We all should have known i was going to be called six as it was to be announced on the 6th of June by You Me At Six. The songs they released this day were called ‘3AM’ and ‘Fat forward’.

3AM was released on air at around 7pm by Annie Mac and it went down a treat with the fans and for YMAS to announce on air that just after 8PM they would be releasing another ‘tune’ as a surprise to all.

Their new album is due to come out on the 5TH of October this year. The album which is a follow up to their 5th album night people has definitely pleased fans alike. Check out their new songs below.

3AM and Fast Forward


Jorja Smith brings London to Walsall

You may have never heard of Jorja Smith but let me tell you something she has got herself some talent. Recenly she has release a song called ‘Blue Lights’. The song which is highly popular on the British scene, is the spotlight song for the new British R&B and Pop scene.

The song itself was inspired by the Police’s perception of Grime music in the UK as Jorja was researching this topic as part of her Coursework for media. At the time of writing she was listening to Dizzle Rascal’s ‘Sirens’, which was also an inspiration.

Her new album called ‘Lost & Found’ can debut in to the UK Top albums chart at number three. Giving Jorja her dream 21st Birthday present.

Future has No Shame

Also this week Future has released his latest single called ‘no shame’. It dropped on the 4th on YouTube. Just like many of the sons and albums in this article, it was received with much anticipation and it was met with great success.

Since the 4th of June the music video has surpassed over 3 million views


Snow Patrol and Underoath albums-

Recently Snow Patrol and Underoath have released new albums. Snow Patrol released wildness 2 weeks ago. And in December they are playing  concert in the Odyssey Arena in Belfast.


Music video of the week- Neck Deep ft Sam Carter- Don’t Wait

Neck deep also released the video for Don’t wait featuring Sam Carter. This is probably one of my favourite songs of the ‘Peace and the Panic’ album. I could literally listen to this song all day.

The music video itself, is a very unique piece with Ben being tied up while singing.

Overall this week my music has been amazing. With new releases from The 1975 too, called ‘Give yourself a try’. Matt seems to have taken a little emo breakdown. All videos on YouTube will be linked below.

Neck Deep- Don’t Wait | The 1975- Give yourself a try | Future- No Shame | Jorja Smith – Blue Lights

To listen to any of the songs or albums listed here on Spotify check out… Jorja Smith- Blue Lights | Future – No shame | Snow Patrol- Wildness | Underoath- Erase me

You me at who? (You me at six)

You me at six - British Rock Band

If you have known me for a long while, even a short while, you will know that I have a strong love for the band You Me At Six. The five piece British rock, British Pop Rock, Pop Punk ( I don’t know how tbh) and Rock alternative band are my favourite music artists and the fact they are teasing a hopefully new song (maybe album) tomorrow on BBC Radio one a 7PM Completes my life right about now.

You me at six - British Rock Band

(Image — BBC Radio 1 Facebook Post 05/06/2018)

So who are YMAS?

First of all, why have you not heard of You Me At Six? If you have I’ll high five you, if you have seen them live I’ll even give you a hug!

You Me At Six were a band formed in 2004 in Surrey, England with 5 members, For those who don’t know, they were original made up of Josh (Lead Singer/Vocalist), Max, Chris and Matt who formed the lineup of guitarists and the Drummer Dan Flint, who was then later replaced by Joe Philips.

Then were signed by Slam Dunk records and released their first Album ‘Take of your Colours’ in 2008. It was an instant SUCCESS, and found themselves touring with veterans of the genre Fall Out Boy and being nominated for the BEST British band two years in a row (2009-10) at the Kerrang music awards.

Since then they have released 4 more albums. In order; Hold me Down (2010), Sinners Never Sleep (2011), Cavalier Youth (2013) and Night People, which was released fully in early 2017 after releasing some songs of the album first.


So what makes me love You Me At Six?

From the early years of Secondary School I have always listened to the general genre of ROCK. What is it essentially? I’ll write an article about that don’t you worry!

By doing this I found You Me At Six and the first song I heard from them was ‘The Swarm’, which is not a song on any off their albums. In fact it was penned for a Roller-coaster ride in Thorpe Park called The Swarm. It only seemed right I guess. At the time of finding the song I didn’t even know it was by this band. Still a great song though…

I then saw them live by accident by attending the Thirty Seconds To Mars concert in 2013 at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast. From knowing a few songs at the concert and seeing them live, I instantly knew… I liked these people.

I then saw them again at Limelight Belfast, totally recommend this place for a smaller intimate gig! It was an unreal time, in which I would love to experience again.

From then I have always listened to their sound, from the ‘edgy’ pre scene kid of the ‘Take of your colours’ album to the scene album, ‘Sinners Never Sleep’, which starred Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon. To the newer modern style of ‘Night People’. In which some people didn’t like, but I like modernisation.

So why do I love YMAS?… I would solely put it down to their modernisation in their style of music and their live performances are unbelievable.



So that brings me to tomorrow, the 6th of June 2018, they will hopefully announce a new album. To add to the sixes it will be hopefully their sixth album to release, how fun?

Tomorrow I will get this published out there on the World Wide Web as my first topic blog post. You Me At Six could not be a more appropriate topic. I will be going to work, listening to the albums on repeat, coming home and waiting on the announcement. I am not a crazed fan, only an excited fan.

The announcement will be on BBC Radio 1, and they are hopefully showing us a new song, maybe even two.

Checkout the timer on their website at YMAS

You Me At Six Spotify…. Click Here…